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2020-2 Valentines

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Play Add Click to view album tracksSolitude Is My FriendFolkDrama, AmericanaInstrumental - Folk - Sad reflective and sentimental piece with acoustic guitars piano bass. Perfect for broken-heart scenes in soap operas and drama movies. - 75 BPM - Acoustic, Bright, Poignant, Reflective, Romance, Soap Opera, Film Genres, Instrumental - 2010s - Drama, Americana02:12
Play Add Click to view album tracksThe Dancing SeahorsesComedyWaltz, Jazz, Easy ListeningInstrumental - Comedy - (Full) Lovely, romantic theme with solo violin, harp and celesta. Light and gentle waltz suitable for any scene showing babies, family, joy and romance. - 156 BPM - Melodic, Bright, Calm, Elegant, Family, Vintage, Cartoon, Ballet - 1930s, 1940s, 1950s - Waltz, Jazz, Easy Listening01:53
Play Add Click to view album tracksLove IslandRockIndieInstrumental - Rock - A Laid Back Tropical Inspired Indie Pop Rock Theme. - 112 BPM - Upbeat, Driving, Carefree, Relaxed, Fashion, Romance, Holidays, Laid Back - 2010s - Indie02:20
Play Add Click to view album tracksSweet MomentsFolkAmericana, Acoustic, Easy ListeningInstrumental - Folk - Gentle, tender pop folk feel with heartfelt picked acoustic guitar, piano and light percussion - 88 BPM - Picking, Laid-Back, Heartfelt, Evocative, Heartwarming, Lifestyle, Human Drama - 2010s - Americana, Acoustic, Easy Listening02:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksBe My EverythingHuman EmotionsOrchestral, PopInstrumental - Human Emotions - Dramatic Flowing Piano With Lush Sweeping Strings Builds To Emotional, Intense And Passionate Conclusion. - 128 BPM - Cinematic, Swirling, Romantic, Sentimental, Drama, Romance, Hope, Graceful - 2010s - Orchestral, Pop02:55
Play Add Click to view album tracksTouch Of A FingerVocalsFuture Bass, Dubstep, Edm, Electronic, Trip HopSong - Vocals - Mellow Downtempo Intoxication With Soulful Vocal Hook, Swelling Lead Pad And Chip Tune Fx. - 140 BPM - Evolving, Catchy, Sexy, Sensual, Romance, Love, Sex, Classy - 2010s - Future Bass, Dubstep, Edm, Electronic, Trip Hop02:37
Play Add Click to view album tracksArcadiaElectronicAmbient, New Age, MinimalismMain - Electronic - Smooth and reflective, featuring hypnotic drones that creates a dreamy, introspective mood. - 66 BPM - Hypnotic, Smooth, Dreamy, Relaxed, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Soothing, Floating - 2010s - Ambient, New Age, Minimalism02:10
Play Add Click to view album tracksBiorhythmsDramaOrchestralMain - Drama - Majestic, positive track with piano and panoramic strings. A new beginning atmosphere. - Cinematic, Driving, Elegant, Emotional, Adventure, Family, Film Music, Light-Hearted - 2010s - Orchestral02:18
Play Add Click to view album tracksMilonga EscondidaLatinTango, ArgentinaMain - Latin - Traditional milonga track with a hint of intrigue, guitar and accordion. - 78 BPM - Retro, Smooth, Elegant, Intense, Drama, Travel, Film Music, Film Styles - 2010s - Tango, Argentina03:01
Play Add Click to view album tracksDelicate HeartDramaOrchestral, Human EmotionsInstrumental - Drama - Heartbreaking, Sad With Sparse Piano With Light String And Subtle Pad Textures. - 65 BPM - Flowing, Laid-Back, Tender, Warm, Love, Heartwarming, Sensitive, Hopeful - 2010s - Orchestral, Human Emotions02:04
Play Add Click to view album tracksHarp Arabesque Theme 1SoloClassical, RomanticismHarp Only - Solo - Bright, light, heavenly solo harp arrangement of the most recognizable part of the "Arabesque No 1" by Debussy. - Ambient, Arpeggiated, Celestial, Ethereal, Human, Historical, Angelic, Clouds - 1800s - Classical, Romanticism01:30
Play Add Click to view album tracksStyleElectronicLounge, Easy ListeningInstrumental - Electronic - Lush and warm with chill out elements, featuring mellow keyboards and piano that create a sexy, torrid mood. - 78 BPM - Smooth, Groovy, Cool, Sensual, Romance, Love, Seduction, Satisfied - 2000s, 1990s - Lounge, Easy Listening03:13
Play Add Click to view album tracksArmida TristeDramaOrchestral, ItalyMain - Drama - Sad and melancholic instrumental soundtrack for romance and human drama. Piano and strings. - 68 BPM - Atmospheric, Minimal, Melancholy, Reflective, Tearjerkers, Romance, Cinema, Italian Cinema - 2010s - Orchestral, Italy00:39
Play Add Click to view album tracksChic AmourLoungeKitschVocalise - Lounge - Stylish Lo-fi vocal soundscape with classic piano, vibe, bass and drums - 121 BPM - Acoustic, Atmospheric, Mellow, Relaxed, Fantasy, Fashion, Advertising, Romantic - 2010s - Kitsch02:46
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December 4, 2019
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