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2020-1 Superbowl

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Play Add Click to view album tracksMakings Of LegendOrchestralTrailers, Human Emotions, ChoralVocalise - Orchestral - The epic journey of a legend rising to greatness in this uplifting and inspiring orchestral and choral track. - Cinematic, Crescendo, Heroic, Epic, Superhero, Adventure, Victory, Strength - 2010s - Trailers, Human Emotions, Choral02:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksReach For The StarsVocalsTrailers, Human Emotions, Orchestral, RockSong - Vocals - An uplifting, inspirational song with female vocals that starts softly and rises dramatically to an explosive and triumphant finish. - 85 BPM - Hybrid, Cinematic, Triumphant, Powerful, Superhero, Adventure, Inspirational, Exciting - 2010s - Trailers, Human Emotions, Orchestral, Rock01:55
Play Add Click to view album tracksAscendTensionTrailers, Orchestral, RockInstrumental - Tension - A warrior rises from the ashes and fights to claim his place of greatness. - 122 BPM - Hybrid, Cinematic, Epic, Explosive, Action, Suspense, Fighting, Impact - 2010s - Trailers, Orchestral, Rock02:49
Play Add Click to view album tracksCaptain UniverseOrchestralTrailers, Action, Adventure, SportsVocalise - Orchestral - Uplifting, exciting, superhero theme for family adventures, bold action and victory! - Cinematic, Brassy, Heroic, Confident, Adventure, Sports, Super Hero, Bold - 2010s - Trailers, Action, Adventure, Sports02:26
Play Add Click to view album tracksReady For ActionDramaAction, Neo OrchestralInstrumental - Drama - Restless, tense strings and driving action percussion and guitars - 98.5315 BPM - Building, Cinematic, Awe, Dark, Racing, Surfing, Purposeful, Daring - 2010s, 2000s - Action, Neo Orchestral02:08
Play Add Click to view album tracksCritical DecisionsDramaAction, OrchestralInstrumental - Drama - Intense, high stakes, hard driving orchestra with epic build - 156 BPM - Driving, Hard-Hitting, Aggressive, Intense, Action, Crime, Dramatic, Mysterious - 2010s, 2000s - Action, Orchestral02:08
Play Add Click to view album tracksFire SwordOrchestralActionMain Instrumental - Orchestral - Heavy and weighty with trailer elements, featuring pounding percussion and gritty brass drones that create a majestic, adventurous mood. - 81 BPM - Driving, Pulsing, Bold, Heroic, Fantasy, Superhero, Flight, Dramatic - 2000s, 2010s - Action02:49
Play Add Click to view album tracksStrive For GreatnessOrchestralRock, Human EmotionsVocalise - Orchestral - Driving staccato opening leading to triumphant theme. - 82 BPM - Atmospheric, Building, Bold, Powerful, Action, Adventure, Epic, Action - 2010s - Rock, Human Emotions02:30
Play Add Click to view album tracksTriumph Over AdversityOrchestralDrama, ElectronicVocalise - Orchestral - Stirring opening theme leading to a triumphant climax. - 106 BPM - Atmospheric, Building, Bold, Powerful, Action, Adventure, Epic, Action - 2010s - Drama, Electronic02:45
Play Add Click to view album tracksStadium StrutRockUrban, Hip-Hop, Nu Metal, Hard, SportsInstrumental - Rock - Confident Determination With Stomp Clap Hip-Hop Beat, Chunky Rhythmic Guitar And Buzzy Synth Bass. - 94 BPM - Upbeat, Driving, Brooding, Serious, Action, Competition, Basketball, Adrenaline - 2010s, 2000s - Urban, Hip-Hop, Nu Metal, Hard, Sports02:03
Play Add Click to view album tracksThe Meaning Of TimeRockHard RockMain - Rock - Action, cinematic heavy rock track with an intense drumming and aggressive sounds. - Heavy, Distorted, Aggressive, Energetic, Action, Crime, Danger, Film Music - 2010s - Hard Rock05:26
Play Add Click to view album tracksCinematic Epic ChampionUrbanTrap, Hip HopFull Version - Urban - Slick and daring, featuring urging strings, piano, beats and loops that create a cool, powerful mood. - 120 BPM - Heavy, Driving, Determined, Bold, Sports, Drama, Proud, Swagger - 2010s, 2000s - Trap, Hip Hop02:04
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January 7, 2020
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