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2020-8 Memorial Day

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Play Add Click to view album tracksOverture Of The Light Cavalry Von SuppeClassicalWell-Known, Orchestral, RomanticismMain Instrumental - Classical - Luxuriant and heroic, featuring heavy brass, percussion and strings that create a majestic, fearless mood. Franz Von Suppe, Light Cavalry Overture - 77 BPM - Heavy, Symphonic, Majestic, Heroic, Historical, Action, Expressive - 19th Century, 1800s - Well-Known, Orchestral, Romanticism07:17
Play Add Click to view album tracksTributeOrchestralTrailer, Drama, TensionVocalise - Orchestral - Beautiful piece that starts tentatively and rises to triumph. - 91 BPM - Building, Climbing, Dramatic, Yearning, Romantic, Heroic, Accomplishment, Heroic - 2010s - Trailer, Drama, Tension02:56
Play Add Click to view album tracksUnited We StandRockElectronic, Pop, EdmMelody Only - Rock - Poignant And Heartfelt Electronic Rock Emoting Strength And Unity. - 145 BPM - Ambient, Distorted, Epic, Majestic, Magical, Adventure, Slow Motion, Battle - 2020s, 2010s - Electronic, Pop, Edm02:05
Play Add Click to view album tracksGlory ChaseDramaOrchestralInstrumental - Drama - Dramatic orchestral chase - 133 BPM - Driving, Dynamic, Intense, Anticipation, Action, Magical - 2010s - Orchestral02:47
Play Add Click to view album tracksUltimate TriumphDramaOrchestralInstrumental - Drama - Proud Orchestral sound burst - 85 BPM - Dynamic, Cinematic, Intense, Rousing, Heartwarming, Human, Inspirational, Percussion - 2010s - Orchestral04:21
Play Add Click to view album tracksVictory LapDramaOrchestralInstrumental - Drama - Proud orchestra with drums - 80 BPM - Dynamic, Punchy, Intense, Rousing, Heartwarming, Human, Inspirational, Percussion - 2010s - Orchestral03:09
Play Add Click to view album tracksColosseum SensationDramaOrchestralInstrumental - Drama - Victorious guitar strings and drums - 80 BPM - Dynamic, Cinematic, Intense, Rousing, Heartwarming, Human, Inspirational, Percussion - 2010s - Orchestral03:41
Play Add Click to view album tracksMemories Of WarDramaOrchestralVocalise - Drama - Nostalgic, dramatic orchestral track with a post-war feel. - Cinematic, Suspenseful, Emotional, Heroic, Adventure, Military, Adventurous, Film Styles - 2010s, 2000 - Orchestral02:28
Play Add Click to view album tracksLove StormActionOrchestral, MilitaryInstrumental - Action - Heroic, insistent orchestral track with a military feel. - Cinematic, Rhythmic, Emotional, Evocative, Adventure, Drama, Daytime Tv, Melodrama - 20th Century, 1900s - Orchestral, Military04:55
Play Add Click to view album tracksA Vision In WhiteDramaOrchestral, Human EmotionsInstrumental - Drama - Elegance, sweeping romantic theme with piano, strings and electronic elements. - 152 BPM - Flowing, Cinematic, Heavenly, Awe, Magical, Romance, Wondrous, Beauty - 2010s, 2000s - Orchestral, Human Emotions02:32
Play Add Click to view album tracksCommemorationClassicalTraditional, OrchestralMain - Classical - Poignant, respectful track with four trumpets. Commemoration theme. - Acoustic, Smooth, Emotional, Evocative, Documentary, Historical, Dramatic, Ceremonial - 19th Century, 20th Century - Traditional, Orchestral02:06
Play Add Click to view album tracksHigh PrayersHuman EmotionsWorld, DramaMain - Human Emotions - Dreamy, angelic orchestral track with bells, cello, percussion and synth - Ethnic, Minimal, Angelic, Dreamy, Nature, Lifestyle, Aerial, Ecology - 2010s, 2000s - World, Drama03:07
Play Add Click to view album tracksAtlasDramaOrchestralVocalise - Drama - Thoughtful, Contemplative Intro Builds With Female Choir To A Soaring Triumphant And Inspirational Conclusion. - 148 BPM - Sweeping, Cinematic, Uplifting, Heroic, Discovery, Adventure, Soaring, Emotional - 2010s - Orchestral03:38
Play Add Click to view album tracksKeep The FaithCommercialsRock, Pop Rock, Singer Songwriter30 Sec Instrumental - Commercials - Ethereal piano intro slowly builds to determined indie rock with cascading piano lines and continues building to a glorious crescendo. - 100 BPM - Ambient, Bright, Sentimental, Uplifting, Self-Improvement, Lifestyle, Inspirational, Faith - 2010s, 2000s - Rock, Pop Rock, Singer Songwriter00:32
Play Add Click to view album tracksHuman DramaOrchestralDramaInstrumental - Orchestral - Pensive, poignant orchestral track with pizzicato strings and harp. - Cinematic, Airy, Hopeful, Melancholy, Fantasy, Fables, Cinema, Modern Drama - 2000s, 2010s - Drama01:46
Play Add Click to view album tracksHeroes ClockOrchestralDramaInstrumental - Orchestral - Smooth and building with drama elements, featuring warm piano and strings that create a pensive, melancholy mood. - 66 BPM - Building, Smooth, Pensive, Somber, Tragedy, Romance, Dramatic, Life Emotion - 2010s, 2000s - Drama03:19
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May 12, 2020
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