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2020-5 Spring Break

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Play Add Click to view album tracksBoulevardJazzSmooth Jazz, Easy Listening, Nu JazzMain - Jazz - Uplifting, cool Jazz Dance track with an holiday feel. - Soulful, Atmospheric, Cool, Light, Lifestyle, Late Night, 2000S, Beats - 2010s - Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening, Nu Jazz03:18
Play Add Click to view album tracksHighway To HeavenRockClassic RockMain - Rock - Lively and positive rock track with uplifting vibes and cool keyboards sound. - Driving, Dynamic, Cheerful, Energetic, Racing, Sports, Energy, Hard Rock - 2010s - Classic Rock01:45
Play Add Click to view album tracksFull Of FunElectronicHouse, PopMain - Electronic - Cool, positive dance track with a tropical atmosphere. - 105 BPM - Club, Dance, Feel Good, Happy, Documentary, Reality, 80Ies, Good Time - 1980s - House, Pop02:51
Play Add Click to view album tracksSweatin The ThreeUrbanFunk, R&BInstrumental - Urban - (Full) Fast tempo funky track with cool guitar, bass and horns. Very upbeat and sophisticated piece which is perfect for any stylish, vintage scenes. - 126 BPM - Bouncy, Bright, Positive, Cool, Vintage, Late Night, Active, Rousing - 1970s - Funk, R&B01:18
Play Add Click to view album tracksA New StrainElectronicChill Out, Trip Hop, DowntempoMain - Electronic - Smooth and subdued, featuring dreamy piano and synthesizer that create a mellow, relaxed mood. - 111 BPM - Ambient, Smooth, Cool, Relaxed, Mystery, Suspense, City, Broken - 2010s - Chill Out, Trip Hop, Downtempo02:09
Play Add Click to view album tracksPoolside PerfectionElectronicDowntempoInstrumental - Electronic - Downtempo grooves with guitar, strings and rhodes - 80 BPM - Ambient, Dynamic, Wonderment, Optimistic, Heartwarming, Drama, Wildlife - 2010s - Downtempo05:51
Play Add Click to view album tracksSnack TimePopElectronic, QuirkyInstrumental - Pop - Cute, upbeat and quirky with bubbly synths, acoustic guitars, claps and shuffling beats - 120 BPM - Bright, Upbeat, Cute, Feel Good, Renovation, Self-Improvement - 2010s - Electronic, Quirky02:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksSmiling Daisy DancePopAmericana, Folk, AcousticGuitars Only - Pop - Extremely happy and bright. This ukulele tune will make you think of kids, puppies and gardens filled with fields of smiling daisies. - 100 BPM - Bouncy, Catchy, Fun, Playful, Comedy, Renovation, Optimistic, Determined Fun-Loving - 2010s - Americana, Folk, Acoustic01:48
Play Add Click to view album tracksSalty PopcornElectronicTechnoInstrumental - Electronic - A quirky new taste sensation with driving beats, glitchy synths and kicky percussion - 106 BPM - Driving, Bright, Quirky, Eccentric, Renovation, Self-Improvement - 2010s - Techno02:09
Play Add Click to view album tracksIts Disco So DanceDiscoFunk, DanceVocalise - Disco - (Instrumental) Alternative version without vocals. Cool, energetic disco piece featuring groovy riffing guitar and deep bassline. Exuberant, sexy piece which brings to mind famous American 70s discotheques. - 117 BPM - Bright, Catchy, Positive, Energetic, Vintage, Party, Soul, Dj - 1970s, 1980s - Funk, Dance03:14
Play Add Click to view album tracksDream ItElectronicPopMain - Electronic - Uplifting 80s inspired track with a party vibe. Positive mood for moments of joy and fun. - 117 BPM - Dance, Retro, Feel Good, Fun, Party, Sci-Fi, 1980S, Disco - 1980s, 2010s - Pop03:07
Play Add Click to view album tracksDrop ItHip-HopTrap, Urban, ElectronicVocalise Main - Hip-Hop - Urban, club trap beats with male rap voices and bells. - 75 BPM - Bouncy, Club, Gloomy, Mysterious, Late Night, Crime, Beats, Night - 2010s - Trap, Urban, Electronic02:27
Play Add Click to view album tracksElectronic SlumElectronicUrbanVocalise Main - Electronic - Electronica, synth track with beats and male rap voices. - 140 BPM - Dance, Hypnotic, Gloomy, Mysterious, Gangster, Sci-Fi, Beats, Technology - 2010s - Urban03:39
Play Add Click to view album tracksUnison (Original Mix)ElectronicDubstep, EdmVocalise - Electronic - Reggae-influenced Rap is mixed with bass heavy EDM. Melodic and laidback with huge melodic pads and straight bass lines - 150 BPM - Groovy, Driving, Confident, Edgy, Lifestyle, Reality, Festival, Extreme Sports - 2010s - Dubstep, Edm04:28
Play Add Click to view album tracksBeijing BubblegumVocalsWorld, China, PopSong - Vocals - Catchy bubbly Chinese female pop song with male rap vocals. - 100 BPM - Bouncy, Upbeat, Fun, Lively, Youth, Comedy, Dating, Asian Fusion - 2010s - World, China, Pop01:57
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February 20, 2020
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