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2018 Halloween

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Play Add Click to view album tracksThe Bad ManDramaExperimentalVocalise - Drama - Heavy and sinister, featuring dark a capella vocals that create an evil, bold mood. - 68 BPM - Heavy, Eerie, Bold, Ominous, Tension, Horror, Menacing, Halloween - 2010s, 2000s - Experimental01:15
Play Add Click to view album tracksSpotlight SuspenseUrbanRock, Hip-Hop, Trap, MetalInstrumental - Urban - Slow Creeping Hip-Hop With Ominous Synths, Tension Building Guitar And Trap Hats. - 72 BPM - Fusion, Distorted, Serious, Sly, Horror, Thriller, Halloween, Gangs - 2010s, 2000s - Rock, Hip-Hop, Trap, Metal02:28
Play Add Click to view album tracksBad Hair DayTensionHorror, HalloweenInstrumental - Tension - (Full) Extremely dark and omnious piece which creates a mood full of danger and anxiety. Could be used in a halloween productions. Suitable for crime and horror TV series, family dark secrets, haunted houses and ghosts of the past. Could be used in a movie also. - 39 BPM - Airy, Atmospheric, Negative, Dark, Fables, Crime, Somber, Anxious - 2010s - Horror, Halloween02:51
Play Add Click to view album tracksNecrophiliaSoloTension, ChurchChurch Organ Only - Solo - Eerie, spooky church organ solo. - Eerie, Bright, Gothic, Mysterious, B-Movie, Horror, Creepy, Film Music - 1980s - Tension, Church01:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksPost-ApocalypseRockIndieVocalise - Rock - Dark, mysterious indie rock track with an horror movie feel. - Cinematic, Crescendo, Dark, Evil, B-Movie, Horror, 1990S, Build - 2010s, 2000s - Indie03:50
Play Add Click to view album tracksOscillationElectronicDrones, DramaInstrumental - Electronic - Atmospheric Spacey Synthesizer Soundcape - Electric, Eerie, Haunting, Sinister, Space, Horror, Suspense - 2010s - Drones, Drama01:59
Play Add Click to view album tracksRio Slomo3DramaBrazil, Latin, TensionInstrumental - Drama - (Full) Ethereal and mysterious theme giving a sense of anxiety. It could be used as a background music in a documentary showing the nightlife of a big city. - 92 BPM - Percussive, Tribal, Dreamy, Nervous, Crime, Detective, Ritual, Suspense - 2010s - Brazil, Latin, Tension02:09
Play Add Click to view album tracksDesert EaglesTensionSuspense, DramaMain - Tension - Suspenseful, cinematic orchestral track with a dangerous feel. - 105 BPM - Cinematic, Suspenseful, Dangerous, Epic, Action, Adventure, Adventurous, Orchestral - 2010s - Suspense, Drama02:23
Play Add Click to view album tracksTimeDramaAmbient, MinimalismMain - Drama - Solemn and intriguing, featuring dark drones, percussion and piano that create a ghostly, creepy mood. - 69 BPM - Eerie, Atmospheric, Mysterious, Haunting, Horror, Tension, Urban, Foreboding - 2010s - Ambient, Minimalism02:32
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October 24, 2018
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