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Play Add Click to view album tracksToday We RiseRockElectronic, Edm, Industrial RockVocalise - Rock - Headstrong, Determined Rock Hype Up Battle Anthem. Compelling Male Vocal Chants, War Drums And Distorted Guitars And Synths. - 103 BPM - Minor, Fusion, Serious, Determined, War, Military, Face Off, Invasion - 2020s, 2010s - Electronic, Edm, Industrial Rock02:17
Play Add Click to view album tracksDrive It Like It's StolenVocalsHip-Hop, Rap, Electronic, Urban, TrapSong - Vocals - Invigorating, rowdy EDM Hip-Hop recklessness. Zipping synth leads, urgent drums and rebellious male Rap. - 105 BPM - Pounding, Driving, In-Your-Face, Confident, Action, Chase, Car Jacking, Reckless - 2020s, 2010s - Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronic, Urban, Trap02:34
Play Add Click to view album tracksRiverVocalsPop, Pop RockSong - Vocals - Reflective Pop Song With Female Vocals About Struggling With A Relationship. - 95 BPM - Ballad, Boomy, Reflective, Heartfelt, Love, Romance, Struggle, Indecision - 2010s - Pop, Pop Rock03:13
Play Add Click to view album tracksThe Right OneVocalsPop, Pop RockSong - Vocals - Happy Upbeat Pop With Rolling Drums, Female Lead Vocals And Big Band Swing Feel. - 90 BPM - Swing, Bouncy, Lively, Happy, Love, Romance, Entertainment, Energetic - 1940s - Pop, Pop Rock03:24
Play Add Click to view album tracksRides AwayVocalsIndie, Synth-PopSong - Vocals - Synth pop track with electric drums, keyboards effects and gentle guitars. Retro-nostalgia atmosphere. - Retro, Smooth, Emotional, Evocative, Youth, Lifestyle, Suggestive, Synth Pop - 2010s - Indie, Synth-Pop03:29
Play Add Click to view album tracksMy WayVocalsElectronic, HouseMain Song - Vocals - Rhythmic, inspiring vocal track with a catchy confident vibe, pulsing beats and cool guitars. - Dance, Driving, Cool, Energetic, Fashion, Late Night, Adverts, Electronica - 2010s - Electronic, House03:30
Play Add Click to view album tracksTwo FlowersVocalsOpera, Choral, Orchestral, ClassicalMain Song - Vocals - Warm and gentle Flower Duet by Delibes, featuring female lead vocals, strings and female choir. - 113 BPM - Operatic, Lyrical, Romantic, Dreamy, Nature, Romance, Life Emotion, Scenic - 1800s - Opera, Choral, Orchestral, Classical03:39
Play Add Click to view album tracksMass Of The Dead VerdiVocalsClassical, Well-Known, Orchestral, RomanticismMain Song - Vocals - Vigorous and dramatic, featuring weighty mixed choir, strings and brass that create a captivating, magnificent mood. Verdi, Dies Irae (Requiem) - 147 BPM - Heavy, Driving, Majestic, Determined, Historical, Action, Wondrous - 19th Century, 1800s - Classical, Well-Known, Orchestral, Romanticism02:20
Play Add Click to view album tracksJunshiDrums & BeatsEthnic, Japan, Tension, Tribal, Ritual, Commercials60 Sec Instrumental - Drums & Beats - A powerful and dynamic Japanese Taiko Drum and percussion track perfect for battle scenes. Featuring Taiko and various percussion instruments. - Building, Pounding, Explosive, Exciting, Documentary, War, Ceremonial, Epic - 2020s, 2010s, 2000s, 20th Century, 19th Century - Ethnic, Japan, Tension, Tribal, Ritual, Commercials01:02
Play Add Click to view album tracksTenacious TaikosWorldRock, East Asia, Indie, Alternative, Japan, FusionInstrumental - World - Audacious and anthemic stomp Rock with attitude filled taiko rhythms, catchy shakuhachi flute melody and fuzzy electric guitar. - 140 BPM - Bouncy, Driving, Celebratory, Uplifting, Travel, Lost Worlds, Determined, Asia - 2020s, 2010s, 2000s - Rock, East Asia, Indie, Alternative, Japan, Fusion02:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksRoad To JapanWorldUrban, East Asia, Hip-Hop, Japan, Fusion, TrapInstrumental - World - Serene, pastoral Japanese Hip-Hop with atmospheric pads and glitching shamisen lead to dark and intense horn and pizzicato string breakdowns. - 100 BPM - Minor, Eerie, Positive, Awe, Martial Arts, Adventure, Evocative, Asia - 2020s, 2010s - Urban, East Asia, Hip-Hop, Japan, Fusion, Trap02:00
Play Add Click to view album tracksTriumph In TokyoWorldElectronic, East Asia, Edm, Fusion, JapanInstrumental - World - Reflective yet upbeat Tropical House with Japanese koto, plucky synths, and soaring shakuhachi flute. - 109 BPM - Driving, Melodic, Positive, Awe, Adventure, Action, Prestigious, Asian - 2020s, 2010s - Electronic, East Asia, Edm, Fusion, Japan03:03
Play Add Click to view album tracksMalaguetaUrbanHip-Hop, Trip-HopMain Vocalise - Urban - Laid-back, feel good classic hip hop beat with a Brazilian feel. - Laid-Back, Lo-Fi, Feel Good, Relaxed, Late Night, Travel, Beats, Beds - 1990s - Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop02:59
Play Add Click to view album tracksBeyond EonsElectronicDowntempo, Alternative, Trip HopInstrumental - Electronic - Sitars flows in and out through arpeggiated keys, industrial trip hop beats. - 103 BPM - Ethnic, Soulful, Cool, Emotive, Erotic, Haunted - 2010s - Downtempo, Alternative, Trip Hop06:19
Play Add Click to view album tracksHeadacheElectronicTechno, IndustrialInstrumental - Electronic - Double time drums with mysterious keys. - 170 BPM - Club, Electric, Confident, Hopeful, Heartwarming, Human - 2010s - Techno, Industrial03:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksSweet OverloadingElectronicDowntempoInstrumental - Electronic - Smooth rhythmic programmed drums and keys with various vinyl samples. - 92 BPM - Mechanical, Melodic, Cool, Dreamy, Fashion, Lifestyle - 2010s - Downtempo04:37
Play Add Click to view album tracksFedora FrenzyElectronicElectro, Swing, Bebop, Jazz, Swing HouseVocalise - Electronic - Plucky And Energetic Electronic Jitterbug With Jangly Acoustic Guitar, Plucky Saxophone And Female Scat Vocals. - 125 BPM - Bouncy, Strum, Hi-Energy, Confident, Party, Exercise, Swing Dance, Noir - 2010s, 2000s, 1990s - Electro, Swing, Bebop, Jazz, Swing House02:45
Play Add Click to view album tracksLet It ShineElectronicCaribbean, Islands, Tropical HouseMain - Electronic - Summery, caribbean track with guitars, light synths, marimba and beats. Relaxed xylophone melody. - Flowing, Smooth, Evocative, Exotic, Documentary, Travel, Breezy, Summer - 2010s - Caribbean, Islands, Tropical House03:04
Play Add Click to view album tracksAbstractElectronicTrap, Electro-Trap, Hip HopMain - Electronic - Dark, mysterious electro-trap beat. - Hi-Tech, Hypnotic, Dark, Mysterious, Blaxploitation, Crime, Atmosphere, Background Music - 2010s - Trap, Electro-Trap, Hip Hop02:38
Play Add Click to view album tracksBack To The BreakElectronicDrum & BassMain Vocalise - Electronic - Radiant and driving with drum & bass elements featuring beats and vocal samples to creates an upbeat and decisive mood. - 137 BPM - Upbeat, Bright, Energetic, Determined, Party, Futuristic, Energy, Cars - 2010s - Drum & Bass02:47
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April 20, 2020
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