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2017 Valentines Day Playlist

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Play Add 9Human EmotionsOrchestral, ComedyClick to view album tracksTiptoe On TulipsInstrumental - Human Emotions - Thematic, Bright, Magical, Romantic, Fantasy, Fables, Children, Classical - 1990s, 2000s, 2010s - Orchestral, ComedySoundeck (PRS) 100% [641840162]Fantasy Production Music Limited (PRS) 100% [598276390]02:07
Play Add 41Human EmotionsDramaClick to view album tracksEnchantingInstrumental - Human Emotions - Gentle, enchanting with piano, glockenspiel and strings. - 115 BPM - Airy, Minimalism, Gentle, Tender, Magical, Romance, Wonder, Beauty - 2010s - DramaJames Gordon (PRS) 100% [788734672]Beatbox Music PTY Limited (APRA) 100% [160790865]02:38
Play Add 21FolkFolk Pop, Easy ListeningClick to view album tracksWeekend AwayMain Instrumental - Folk - Pleasant and touching, featuring bright acoustic guitar, ukulele and mandolin that create a hopeful, reflective mood. - 146 BPM - Bright, Flowing, Gentle, Hopeful, Heartwarming, Love, Introspective, Soothing - Folk Pop, Easy ListeningStephan North (PRS) 50% [258398420], Ross William Griggs (PRS) 50% [263157276]Stock Music International (BVBA) (SABAM) 100% [405127890]02:57
Play Add 1R&BSoul, UrbanClick to view album tracksLove LightsInstrumental - R&B - Smooth Love Filled R&B Soul With Airy Bells, Soft Strings, Live Drums, And Acoustic Piano Melody. - 75 BPM - Soulful, Funky, Neutral, Soft, Romance, Reality, Heartwarming, Flirt - 2010s, 2000s, 1990s - Soul, UrbanBrian Alexander Birkbeck (BMI) 100% [611432985]Boomboxing Music (BMI) 100% [617723053]02:01
Play Add 3TangoBallroom, Dance, Argentina, LatinClick to view album tracksMilonga TruncaInstrumental - Tango - Lively Milonga from Argentina. - 105 BPM - Forte, Bright, Passionate, Lively, Burlesque, Drama, Passion, Romance - 20th Century - Ballroom, Dance, Argentina, LatinJavier Enrique Fioramonti (PRS) 100% [273834643]Brilliant Music (PRS) 100% [588172313]01:44
Play Add 4OrchestralTrailers, Adventure, FantasyClick to view album tracksEnchanted ForestVocalise - Orchestral - Mysterious, ethereal female vocal melody evolves into a beautifully haunting, magically enchanting piece. - Cinematic, Ambient, Mystical, Ethereal, Fantasy, Fairytale, Rivendell, Lord Of The Rings - 2010s - Trailers, Adventure, FantasyAram Victor Mandossian (BMI) 100% [483754421]Sync Different Publishing (BMI) 100% [706880822]03:29
Play Add 3VocalsUrban, R&B, Neo SoulClick to view album tracksStraight To My HeartSong - Vocals - Motown-esque funky and sentimental soul. Male vocals, whirling organ, brass stabs and driving drums. - 115 BPM - Retro, Catchy, Celebratory, Cheerful, Comedy, Romance, Relationship, Dating - 2010s, 2000s, 1990s - Urban, R&B, Neo SoulFrancisco C Santacruz (BMI) 50% [402250909], Asil Marie (BMI) 50% [655873012]4Tian Music (BMI) 100% [437949509]02:27
Play Add 7JazzLounge, Easy Listening, Big BandClick to view album tracksCocktails AkimboInstrumental - Jazz - Top Hat Swing - 100 BPM - Flowing, Laid Back, Romantic, Relaxed, Romance, Chick Flick, Carefree, Smooth - 2010s, 2000s, 1950s - Lounge, Easy Listening, Big BandDanny Curtis Pelfrey (BMI) 50% [223553000], Mark Stephen Ross (ASCAP) 50% [52379085]Amusicom Publishing (BMI) 50% [198988573], Cambria Arts Music (ASCAP) 50% [442959332]03:02
Play Add 4VocalsEasy Listening, FranceClick to view album tracksL'amour Sur Les Faubourgs (Vocal)Song - Vocals - Ambient, Flowing, Yearning, Dark, Show Tunes, Romance, French, Paris - 1980s - Easy Listening, FranceThierry Michel Samoy (SACEM) 50% [150801998], David Mark Cesar Gabrie Hadjadj (SACEM) 50% [153119004]Fantasy Production Music Limited (PRS) 100% [598276390]03:18
Play Add 6OrchestralClick to view album tracksIsabellaFull - Orchestral - Gentle, romantic classical track with strings and brass. Slow and delicate. - Adventure, BaroquePaolo Vivaldi (SIAE) 100% [124465097]Flipper Srl Edizioni Musicali (SIAE) 100% [61153901]03:52
Play Add 5OrchestralClick to view album tracksLovingMain - Orchestral - Daytime Tv, Drama, Harp, Love, Modern Classical, Modern Drama, Orchestral, Passionate, Piano, Romantic, Sentimental, Slow, Soap, Soundtrack, Strings, Tender - Daytime Tv, DramaPaolo Vivaldi (SIAE) 100% [124465097]Flipper Srl Edizioni Musicali (SIAE) 100% [61153901]02:30
Play Add 15VocalsCountry, TraditionalClick to view album tracksCrazy For YouSong - Vocals - Lyrical, Strum, Gentle, Romantic, Western, Romance - 2010s, 2000s, 1900s - Country, TraditionalWilliam Henry Mcsweeney (PRS) 34% [641132587], Barry Joseph Fitzgerald (ASCAP) 33% [639461816], John Denon (PRS) 33% [258398616]Fantasy Production Music Limited (PRS) 100% [598276390]03:09
Play Add 14CommercialsEasy Listening, KitschClick to view album tracksMy One And Only60” Main Instrumental - Commercials - Lovely sweeping 1960s feel with electric guitar, piano and period strings - nostalgic and innocent all in one; edit points at 0'15", 0'30" and 0'45". - 96 BPM - Flowing, Twirling, Nostalgic, Romantic, Vintage, Romance, An Ordinary Tale Of Ordinary Folk, The Country Doctor - 1960s - Easy Listening, KitschJoseph David Glasman (PRS) 100% [122273118]Hum Tracks (PRS) 100% [660901848]01:00
Play Add 20ClassicalRomanticismClick to view album tracksCarnival Of The Animals - Xiii - The SwanInstrumental - Classical - Camille Saint-Saens, Minimal, Gentle, Graceful, Historical, Drama, Serene, Flowing - 19th Century, 20th Century - RomanticismOsman Ashraf Bashiri (PRS) 100% [257236461]Fantasy Production Music Limited (PRS) 100% [598276390]03:02
Play Add 1JazzHot Club, Americana, Traditional, WaltzClick to view album tracksWorldly ManInstrumental - Jazz - Soft jazz music with a beautiful trumpet melody. Deeply moving and full of passion. Could be a nice addition to a dinner with candles, fancy restaurant. Romance is in the air. - 64 BPM - Atmospheric, Ballad, Dreamy, Emotional, Drama, Heartwarming, Confident, Cool - 2010s, 2000s, 1920s - Hot Club, Americana, Traditional, WaltzEric Victor Bolvin (ASCAP) 100% [125281004]Apollo Originals (KODA) 100% [745679594]02:34
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February 5, 2017
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