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2019x11 Thanksgiving

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Play Add Click to view album tracksSpringtimeFolkDramaInstrumental - Folk - A minimal calm tranquil and peaceful guitar and piano track - perfect as background music in daytime and lifestyle productions. - 62 BPM - Acoustic, Minimal, Ethereal, Gentle, Rural, Heartwarming, Relaxing, Stingers - 2010s - Drama03:05
Play Add Click to view album tracksThe End Of The SkyFolkDrama, AmericanaInstrumental - Folk - Bright acoustic folky piece with a slight touch of nostalgia, beautifully played on acoustic guitar and upright bass. Delicate glockenspiel notes in the second part of the piece. - 108 BPM - Acoustic, Bright, Feel Good, Reflective, Documentary, Travel, Organic, Lifestyle Tv - 2010s - Drama, Americana02:26
Play Add Click to view album tracksAcross The LandDramaAmbient, CountryInstrumental - Drama - Pensive Steel String Acoustic Guitar With Subtle Lap Steel Highlights, Stoic Reflective Outlook. - 100 BPM - Laid-Back, Minimal, Reflective, Evocative, Family, Rural, Filmic, Expansive - 2010s - Ambient, Country02:05
Play Add Click to view album tracksInch By InchFolkDramaInstrumental - Folk - Light, Fun, Repetitive Pizz Strings To A Positive Theme With Driving Handclaps. - 108 BPM - Driving, Upbeat, Optimistic, Lively, Exercise, Lifestyle, Feelgood, Development - 2010s - Drama02:01
Play Add Click to view album tracksEvery StepElectronicChillstep, DowntempoInstrumental - Electronic - Pensive Piano Melody, Light, Propulsive Chillstep Beats, Ethereal Atmospheric Textures and Layered Synths. - 140 BPM - Smooth, Atmospheric, Ethereal, Elegant, Discovery, Magical, Panoramic, Dreamy - 2010s - Chillstep, Downtempo02:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksBe My EverythingHuman EmotionsOrchestral, PopInstrumental - Human Emotions - Dramatic Flowing Piano With Lush Sweeping Strings Builds To Emotional, Intense And Passionate Conclusion. - 128 BPM - Cinematic, Swirling, Romantic, Sentimental, Drama, Romance, Hope, Graceful - 2010s - Orchestral, Pop02:55
Play Add Click to view album tracksAt The AltarRockIndie Rock, Human Emotions, DramaInstrumental - Rock - Gentle, Reflective Piano And String Intro, Flowing Repetitive Undercurrent Slowly Builds With Hope And Optimism. - 114 BPM - Flowing, Romantic, Warm, Love, Romance, Pretty, Beautiful - 2010s - Indie Rock, Human Emotions, Drama02:10
Play Add Click to view album tracksArmidaDramaOrchestral, Comedy, ItalyMain - Drama - Serene and soft instrumental soundtrack for comedy. Positive and relaxing with piano, strings and sax. - 135 BPM - Catchy, Easy, Optimistic, Positive, Reality, Travel, Comedy Drama, Instrumental - 2010s - Orchestral, Comedy, Italy01:58
Play Add Click to view album tracksFlatland ExpanseDramaScandinavia, Human EmotionInstrumental - Drama - Moody guitar and bass and gentle synth arpeggios - 72 BPM - Atmospheric, Cinematic, Heavenly, Triumphant, Heartwarming, Human, Spirited, Orchestral - 2010s - Scandinavia, Human Emotion02:53
Play Add Click to view album tracksFantasySoloHuman EmotionsPiano Only - Solo - Intense, romantic piano solo. - Acoustic, Easy, Emotional, Inspiring, Drama, Family, Classical, Delicate - 2010s - Human Emotions01:52
Play Add Click to view album tracksLiving LifeElectronicPop, Synth Pop, IndieMain - Electronic - Positive track with electronic elements and an introspective guitar melody. - 112 BPM - Pulsing, Steady, Feel Good, Positive, Late Night, Party, Corporate, Good Time - 2010s - Pop, Synth Pop, Indie03:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksMorning CaressDramaHuman EmotionsMain - Drama - Soft, gentle and reflective track with feelings of calm and love. - 80 BPM - Cinematic, Smooth, Emotional, Evocative, Family, Romance, Atmospheres, Film Styles - 2010s - Human Emotions03:23
Play Add Click to view album tracksL'altra Parte Di MeJazzFusion, Drama, World, ReggaeMain - Jazz - Smooth, pop-fusion track with flute, piano and guitar. - 152 BPM - Smooth, Dynamic, Feel Good, Dreamy, Documentary, Lifestyle, Background Music, Good Time - 2010s - Fusion, Drama, World, Reggae04:58
Play Add Click to view album tracksFlowerDramaElectronic, BreakbeatMain - Drama - Positive, quirky track with atmospheric sounds effects and voices. - 132 BPM - Hypnotic, Smooth, Dreamy, Soft, Lifestyle, Late Night, Atmospheres, Easy-Going - 2010s - Electronic, Breakbeat03:28
Play Add Click to view album tracksNostalgia At The MountainWorldDrama, Americana, South America, AndesMain - World - Melancholic track with a sad melody. Ideal for nature documentaries or emotional scenes. - 65 BPM - Arpeggiated, Building, Emotional, Evocative, Travel, Documentary, Daytime Tv, Film Music - 2010s - Drama, Americana, South America, Andes03:01
Play Add Click to view album tracksMemories Of A TimeDramaOrchestralMain - Drama - Nostalgic and dramatic orchestral track with an hopeful endless. - Cinematic, Atmospheric, Evocative, Hopeful, Historical, Documentary, Film Music, Dramatic - 2010s - Orchestral01:37
Play Add Click to view album tracksFind The StrengthDramaElectronic, Human EmotionInstrumental - Drama - Poignant Acoustic Guitar Intro Slowly Building With Beats And Strings To Inspirational Uplifting Theme. - 88 BPM - Hypnotic, Atmospheric, Reflective, Yearning, Reality, Vulnerable, Heartfelt - 2010s - Electronic, Human Emotion02:05
Play Add Click to view album tracksCirclesDramaElectronicInstrumental - Drama - Thought Provoking, Introspective Neutral Theme With Gentle Rhythm And Light Ethereal Overtones. - 100 BPM - Hypnotic, Atmospheric, Wonderment, Warm, Discovery, Intrigue, Compelling, Inquisitive - 2010s - Electronic02:36
Play Add Click to view album tracksDigital ReflectionsDubstepElectronic, DowntempoInstrumental - Dubstep - Reflective Electronic With Watery Delayed Piano, Ethereal Bubbling Arps And Filtered Synths. - 140 BPM - Gliding, Flowing, Serene, Reflective, Lost Worlds, Adventure, Dream, Payoff - 2010s - Electronic, Downtempo02:07
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August 12, 2019
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