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2018 Christmas

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Play Add 6HolidaysChristmas, JazzClick to view album tracksGod Rest Ye Merry GentlemenInstrumental - Holidays - Light jazz version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - 123 BPM - Swing, Laid Back, Elegant, Festive, Historical, Drama, Daytime, Family - 2010s, 1960s - Christmas, JazzMark Simon Elvin (PRS) 50% [400265510], Matthew Richard Greaves (PRS) 50% [594581505]Brilliant Music Limited (PRS) 100% [588172313]02:17
Play Add 7VocalsHolidays, ChristmasClick to view album tracksHark The Herald Angels SingSong A Cappella - Vocals - Christmas holiday music - 120 BPM - Traditional, Choral, Optimistic, Festive, Documentary, Romance, Uplifting, Prestige - 2010s, 2000s - Holidays, ChristmasMargaret Anna Dorn (BMI) 33.33% [73984340], Lynda Lee Lawley (BMI) 33.34% [69690628], Danny Curtis Pelfrey (BMI) 33.33% [223553000]Amusicom Publishing (BMI) 100% [198988573]01:29
Play Add 30ChristmasHolidaysClick to view album tracksDeck The HallInstrumental - Christmas - Christmas holiday music - 92 BPM - Traditional, Bright, Optimistic, Festive, Documentary, Romance, Uplifting, Lively - 2010s, 2000s - HolidaysMargaret Anna Dorn (BMI) 33.34% [73984340], Linda Lawley (BMI) 33.33% [228367064], Danny Curtis Pelfrey (BMI) 33.33% [223553000]Amusicom Publishing (BMI) 100% [198988573]01:09
Play Add 36SoloCommercials, Holidays, Christmas, WorldClick to view album tracksJoy To The World60 Sec Harp Only - Solo - Light and lively, featuring warm and harp that create a sincere, festive mood. - 96 BPM - Bouncy, Bright, Cheerful, Festive, Drama, Heartwarming, Joyful, E-Cards - 2010s - Commercials, Holidays, Christmas, World0Stock Music International (BVBA) (SABAM) 100% [405127890]01:00
Play Add 3HolidaysChristmas, Well-KnownClick to view album tracksAway In A MangerMain Instrumental - Holidays - Warm and enchanting, featuring lighthearted flute and acoustic guitar that create a touching, sincere mood. - 87 BPM - Smooth, Bright, Dreamy, Gentle, Family, Heartwarming, Enchanting, Children - 2010s, 2000s, 1990s - Christmas, Well-Known0Stock Music International (BVBA) (SABAM) 100% [405127890]02:26
Play Add 1VocalsPop, Rock, Holidays, ChristmasClick to view album tracksThis ChristmasSong - Vocals - Powerful Christmas pop song with a female diva star vocal performance and background vocal harmonies that will blow you away. - 122 BPM - Upbeat, Catchy, Exciting, Festive, Romance, Heartwarming, Vacation, Confident - 2010s - Pop, Rock, Holidays, ChristmasBlaire Woods Reinhard (ASCAP) 75% [454282847], Geoffrey Countryman (BMI) 25% [536993701]Fluffy Ear Music (ASCAP) 75% [705286350], Sync Different Publishing (BMI) 25% [706880822]02:46
Play Add 2VocalsChristmas, Hip-Hop, R&B, Holidays, UrbanClick to view album tracksLet It SnowSong - Vocals - Sentimental yet upbeat Christmas R&B romance. Funky bass lines, soulful male vocals and holiday bells. - 104 BPM - Bouncy, Upbeat, Romantic, Passionate, Romance, Heartwarming, Christmas, Snowfall - 2010s - Christmas, Hip-Hop, R&B, Holidays, UrbanDylan Emmet Hyman (BMI) 80% [636345835], Mikeldi Francisco Murguia (ASCAP) 10% [717612841], Carlos Manuel Perez Lerma (SACM) 10% [756908989]Ear Bang (BMI) 90% [696502220], Ear Clap Music (ASCAP) 10% [700336199]02:35
Play Add 9VocalsChristmas, Country, Holidays, AmericanaClick to view album tracksChristmas DaySong - Vocals - A heart-warming classic country song about longing to be with family to celebrate the holidays. - 140 BPM - Slide, Bright, Positive, Festive, Family, Youth, Lighthearted, Sentimental - 1970s, 2010s - Christmas, Country, Holidays, AmericanaLindsay A Tomasic (ASCAP) 75% [129985622], Aaron Radzwilowicz (ASCAP) 25% [470599719]EPM Masters (ASCAP) 100% [675864394]03:55
Play Add 19CommercialsHolidays, Christmas, Rock, Rock & Roll, Well-KnownClick to view album tracksRock The KingInstrumental - Commercials - Good King Wenceslas - 160 BPM - Driving, Upbeat, Festive, Exciting, Party, Youth, Good King Wenceslas, Yuletide - 2010s, 2000s - Holidays, Christmas, Rock, Rock & Roll, Well-KnownMichael Fix (APRA) 100% [200946300]Beatbox Music Publishing PTY LTD (APRA) 100% [190718950]01:00
Play Add 3VocalsClassical, Baroque, Ceremonial, Choral, Drama, Epic, ReligiousClick to view album tracksHallelujah Chorus - MessiahSong - Vocals - George Frideric Handel, Choral, Uplifting, Joyful, Historical, Drama, Catholic, Christmas - 17th Century, 18th Century - Classical, Baroque, Ceremonial, Choral, Drama, Epic, ReligiousOsman Ashraf Bashiri (PRS) 100% [257236461]Fantasy Production Music Limited (PRS) 100% [598276390]04:01
Play Add 28VocalsClassical, Choral, Opera, Religious, PastoralClick to view album tracksJesu, Joy Of Man's DesiringSong - Vocals - Johann Sebastian Bach, Choral, Gentle, Beautiful, Historical, Drama, Christmas, Ceremonial - 17th Century, 18th Century - Classical, Choral, Opera, Religious, PastoralOsman Ashraf Bashiri (PRS) 50% [257236461], Jan Hasenoehrl (PRS) 50% [607049755]Fantasy Production Music Limited (PRS) 100% [598276390]04:02
Play Add 30VocalsClassical, Choral, Opera, Religious, DramaClick to view album tracksGloria In Excelsis Deo - GloriaSong - Vocals - Antonio Vivaldi, Choral, Uplifting, Happy, Historical, Drama, Religious, Christmas - 17th Century, 18th Century - Classical, Choral, Opera, Religious, DramaOsman Ashraf Bashiri (PRS) 50% [257236461], Jan Hasenoehrl (PRS) 50% [607049755]Fantasy Production Music Limited (PRS) 100% [598276390]02:23
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October 24, 2018
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