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2018 Thanksgiving

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Play Add Click to view album tracksChristmas DinnerHolidaysChristmas, Folk, OrchestralInstrumental - Holidays - Acoustic, Bright, Uplifting, Emotional, Romance, Drama, Motivation, Film Styles - 20th Century - Christmas, Folk, Orchestral00:56
Play Add Click to view album tracksArts And CraftsFolkCountry, AmericanaMain Instrumental - Folk - Radiant and gentle with acoustic folk elements, featuring easy acoustic guitar and congas that create a comforting, satisfied mood. - 136 BPM - Bright, Flowing, Carefree, Optimistic, Family, Nature, Earthy, Heartland - 2010s - Country, Americana02:46
Play Add Click to view album tracksBarn RunCountryBluegrass, Folk, Americana, AppalachianMain Instrumental - Country - Bouncy and cheerful, featuring free-spirited banjo, acoustic guitar and pedal steel guitar that create an enthusiastic, positive mood. - 127 BPM - Bright, Bouncy, Cheerful, Carefree, Family, Rural, Earthy, Heartland - 2010s - Bluegrass, Folk, Americana, Appalachian01:58
Play Add Click to view album tracksCountry LivingCountryBluegrass, FolkMain Instrumental - Country - Carefree and bouncy with bluegrass elements, featuring easy acoustic guitar and drum kit that create an enthusiastic, cheerful mood. - 95 BPM - Bouncy, Flowing, Carefree, Optimistic, Family, Nature, Earthy, Heartland - 2010s - Bluegrass, Folk02:20
Play Add Click to view album tracksHopefulDramaAmericana, Human EmotionsInstrumental - Drama - (Full) Pleasing and delicate piano melody with strings and nice accompaniment. Very beautiful and lovely theme, great for a family TV series, commercials with little children and general atmosphere of happiness, joy and harmony. Could be good for a holiday productions also. - 78 BPM - Airy, Ambient, Positive, Hopeful, Drama, Heartwarming, Gentle, Light - 2010s - Americana, Human Emotions01:35
Play Add Click to view album tracksRoom For ChillAmericanaNew AgeInstrumental - Americana - (Full) Slow tempo, positive and calm acoustic guitar theme with kalimba. Very pleasing and warm. Good for family lifestyle TV programs and some shows about home decor or furniture commercials. - 142 BPM - Ambient, Acoustic, Peaceful, Mellow, Nature, Reality, Retail, Sentimental - 2010s - New Age03:45
Play Add Click to view album tracksCozy LivingAmericanaCountry, Human EmotionsInstrumental - Americana - (Full) Positive, sunny instrumental music with pleasing and innocent atmosphere of countryside. Good for family scenes in commercials or TV series. Could be used as a background in lifestyle programs and cozy renovations. - 140 BPM - Acoustic, Atmospheric, Dreamy, Happy, Drama, Heartwarming, Advertising, Children - 2010s - Country, Human Emotions04:12
Play Add Click to view album tracksGetting StartedFolkModern Folk, AmericanaVocalise - Folk - Fast happy go-lucky folk with banjo, ukulele, handclaps and whistling. - 120 BPM - Upbeat, Bright, Happy, Lively, Rural, Lifestyle, Busy, Get Together - 2010s - Modern Folk, Americana02:48
Play Add Click to view album tracksSundog StompFolkAcoustic Folk, AmericanaMain - Folk - Breezy and bouncy with acoustic folk elements, featuring bright acoustic guitar and mandolin that create an uplifting, proud mood. - 106 BPM - Bright, Bouncy, Happy, Feel-Good, Family, Rural, Making, Construction - 2010s - Acoustic Folk, Americana02:26
Play Add Click to view album tracksHappy EverydayFolkIndie, AmericanaInstrumental - Folk - Breezy and touching, featuring light acoustic guitar that creates a satisfied, loving mood. - 72 BPM - Bright, Flowing, Nostalgic, Optimistic, Family, Lifestyle, Earthy, Summer - 2000s, 2010s - Indie, Americana02:37
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October 24, 2018
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