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2017 Halloween Playlist

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Play Add 6RockOrchestral, Drama, Action, TrailersClick to view album tracksPunk Circus WarriorsInstrumental - Rock - Urging and bright with cinematic elements, featuring heavy strings and percussion that create a powerful, vibrant mood. - 140 BPM - Heavy, Driving, Energetic, Powerful, Tension, Adventure, Dramatic, Crazy - 2000s, 2010s - Orchestral, Drama, Action, TrailersGiorgo De Groof (SABAM) 50% [447231173], Els Becu (SABAM) 50% [597498764]Stock Music International (BVBA) (SABAM) 100% [405127890]03:29
Play Add 5ClassicalRomanticismClick to view album tracksSymphonie Fantastique 5Th Mov. Songe D'une Nuit Du SabbatInstrumental - Classical - Hector Berlioz, Orchestral, Eerie, Scary, Historical, Drama, Animation, Climax - 19th Century - RomanticismOsman Ashraf Bashiri (PRS) 50% [257236461], Jan Hasenoehrl (PRS) 50% [607049755]Fantasy Production Music Limited (PRS) 100% [598276390]10:04
Play Add 2Hip-HopTrap, Dirty South, UrbanClick to view album tracksGutter DrizzleInstrumental - Hip-Hop - Foreboding Trap With Solemn Church Bells, Busy High Hat Pattern And Celestial Arp Synths. - 71.5 BPM - Echo, Eerie, Dark, Nervous, Haunted, Crime, Halloween, Drugs - 2010s, 2000s - Trap, Dirty South, UrbanChris Lee Pickett (ASCAP) 100% [517137075]Boxaboom (ASCAP) 100% [616496037]02:31
Play Add 1OrchestralAction, Drama, ElectronicClick to view album tracksSave The EarthInstrumental - Orchestral - Tough, powerful and daring neo orchestra theme with special sound effects. The music is perfect for a trailer of action, sci-fi, war and superhero movie. Great for dynamic montage and masculine scenes. - 87 BPM - Ascending, Boomy, Aggressive, Angry, Disaster, Superhero, Epic, Scary - 2010s, 2000s - Action, Drama, ElectronicJohn H Nixon (BMI) 100% [226941464]Apollo Frontrunners (KODA) 100% [791100660]02:07
Play Add 2RockPost Rock, Electronic, Ambient, ExperimentalClick to view album tracksRainfall, NightfallMain Instrumental - Rock - Unsettling but addictive gothic gloom featuring unnerving organ, distorted radio SFX and hammering-in-a-nail single repetitive piano note; edit points at 1'45", 3'31" and 4'13", long fade out. - 149 BPM - Building, Soaring, Dark, Unnerving, Haunted, Psychological, Gloomy, Unsettling - 2010s, 2000s - Post Rock, Electronic, Ambient, ExperimentalAndrew Charles Pye (PRS) 33.34% [660080080], James Richard Cooper (PRS) 33.33% [660801363], Paul Simon Brown (PRS) 33.33% [661557040]Hum Tracks (PRS) 100% [660901848]06:12
Play Add 10DramaSuspense, Tension, Action, OrchestralClick to view album tracksDoom And GloomInstrumental - Drama - Atmospheric, Suspenseful, Sinister, Anxious, Horror, Ghosts, Somber, Scary - 2010s - Suspense, Tension, Action, OrchestralGarry Donald William Judd (PRS) 100% [85116285]The Gold Leaf Music Library (PRS) 100% [701133111]02:01
Play Add 11DramaAmbient, ElectronicClick to view album tracksStakeoutInstrumental - Drama - Atmospheric and haunting, featuring dark drones that creates an ominous, gloomy mood. - 55 BPM - Eerie, Atmospheric, Haunting, Mysterious, Tension, Suspense, Scandi, Norway - 2010s - Ambient, ElectronicJames Andrew Eadie Spilling (PRS) 100% [677742597]Brilliant Music Limited (PRS) 100% [588172313]03:19
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October 26, 2017
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