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Play Add 1VocalsIslands, Indonesian, EthnicClick to view album tracksCelebrationSong - Vocals - Soothing and uplifting, featuring fresh male lead vocals, lap steel guitar and marimba that create a stylish, comforting mood. - 103 BPM - Retro, Flowing, Uplifting, Cool, Travel, Documentary, Content, Satisfied - 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, 1950s - Islands, Indonesian, EthnicJan Rap (BUMA) 100% [209309678]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]01:59
Play Add 3EthnicTribal, AfricaClick to view album tracksBurundi Ngozi DrumsVocalise - Ethnic - Pleasant and festive, featuring breezy vocal chant and ethnic percussion that create a powerful, proud mood. - 158 BPM - Rhythmic, Boomy, Festive, Feel-Good, Travel, Party, Proud, Global - 20th Century, 19th Century, 18th Century - Tribal, AfricaBernard De La Porte (BUMA) 100% [650021598]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]03:48
Play Add 1VocalsEastern European, Ethnic, WorldClick to view album tracksThrough The ForestSong - Vocals - Pulsing and contemplative, featuring driving female lead vocals and accordion that create an upbeat, emotional mood. - 166 BPM - Upbeat, Bright, Energetic, Reflective, Travel, Documentary, Enthusiastic, Gypsy - 20th Century, 19th Century - Eastern European, Ethnic, WorldReshetka Gora (BUMA) 100% [266984313]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]02:31
Play Add 1VocalsCaribbean, Cuba, Salsa, Calypso, LatinClick to view album tracksMerengue Suena GitaritaSong - Vocals - Breezy and satisfied, featuring frollicky male lead vocals and steel drums that create an optimistic, energetic mood. - 126 BPM - Ethnic, Flowing, Festive, Optimistic, Comedy, Travel, Loving, Celebration - 2010s, 1970s, 1960s, 1950s - Caribbean, Cuba, Salsa, Calypso, LatinB Estacada (BUMA) 100% [70103234]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]03:11
Play Add 1EthnicEastern European, RussiaClick to view album tracksOld CountryInstrumental - Ethnic - Lush and tender, featuring flowing mandolin that creates a sincere, heartwarming mood. - 55 BPM - Flowing, Smooth, Passionate, Nostalgic, Travel, Historical, Enchanting, Gypsy - 20th Century, 19th Century, 18th Century - Eastern European, RussiaDerevo Vorota (BUMA) 100% [650079652]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]02:36
Play Add 1VocalsMariachi, LatinClick to view album tracksMedallonSong - Vocals - Bright and passionate, featuring breezy classical guitar that creates a cheerful, emotional mood. - 94 BPM - Ethnic, Bright, Feel-Good, Passionate, Travel, Party, Loving, Good Times - 20th Century, 1890s, 1880s - Mariachi, LatinB Estacada (BUMA) 100% [70103234]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]03:28
Play Add 1VocalsCeltic, EthnicClick to view album tracksTa Me Mo ShuiSong - Vocals - Warm and reflective, featuring lush female lead vocals, cello and piano that create a touching, passionate mood. - 56 BPM - Smooth, Flowing, Reflective, Passionate, Heartwarming, Love, Enchanting, Beauty - 2010s, 1970s, 1960s - Celtic, EthnicBrendan Gaelic (BUMA) 100% [272247764]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]03:56
Play Add 1EthnicIsrael, KlezmerClick to view album tracksHava NaguilaInstrumental - Ethnic - Driving and festive, featuring frollicky woodwinds and accordion that create a merry, satisfied mood. - 152 BPM - Bouncy, Bright, Feel-Good, Energetic, Travel, Party, Proud, Good Times - 2010s, 20th Century, 19th Century - Israel, KlezmerRubin Shalom (BUMA) 100% [687192698]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]02:46
Play Add 7VocalsSerbia, Yemen, Choral, EthnicClick to view album tracksIntsimi YamEthnic Song A Cappella - Vocals - Fresh and honored, featuring soothing mixed choir that creates a sincere, feel-good mood. - 102 BPM - Flowing, Festive, Feel-Good, Travel, Heartwarming, Proud, Joyful - 20th Century - Serbia, Yemen, Choral, EthnicJan Rap (BUMA) 100% [209309678]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]00:42
Play Add 4VocalsCumbia, LatinClick to view album tracksEstherSong - Vocals - Light and loving, featuring bright male lead vocals and flamenco guitar that create a satisfied, heartfelt mood. - 102 BPM - Bright, Bouncy, Passionate, Heartfelt, Travel, Heartwarming, Proud, Good Times - 2010s, 20th Century - Cumbia, LatinB Estacada (BUMA) 100% [70103234]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]03:23
Play Add 7LatinPeruvianClick to view album tracksMachu PicchuInstrumental - Latin - Warm and sincere with peruvian elements, featuring light flute and mandolin that create a comforting, longing mood. - 66 BPM - Bright, Ethnic, Peaceful, Somber, Tragedy, Nature, Comforting, Earthy - 20th Century, 19th Century - PeruvianB Estacada (BUMA) 100% [70103234]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]03:48
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November 6, 2017
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