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2017 Summer

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Play Add 8RockIndie, PopClick to view album tracksFree WheelingInstrumental - Rock - Upbeat, good time playful indie pop rock. - 190 BPM - Upbeat, Driving, Fun, Lively, Lifestyle, Youth, Teen Punk, College Rock - 2010s - Indie, PopAsher Alexander Pope (APRA) 100% [637071452]Beatbox Music PTY Limited (APRA) 100% [160790865]01:43
Play Add 1ElectronicHouseClick to view album tracksBalearic BeatsVocalise - Electronic - Bouncy and vibrant, featuring driving synthesizer, synth drums and vocal oohs that create an empowering, feel-good mood. - 126 BPM - Upbeat, Bouncy, Energetic, Confident, Fashion, Futuristic, Innovation, Inspiration - 2000s, 2010s - HouseDean James Wagg (PRS) 50% [608727434], Alex Karlsson (PRS) 50% [704326473]Stock Music International (BVBA) (SABAM) 100% [405127890]02:00
Play Add 1VocalsElectronic, House, Pop, Urban, Rap, FunkClick to view album tracksDeeper Than These SubsSong - Vocals - A super catchy, upbeat House club thumper with Male Rap Vocals, Auto-Tuned Chorus Vocals, huge synths and Funk guitars. - 125 BPM - Edm, Lyrical, Happy, Energetic, Teen, Party, Rave, Groove - 2010s - Electronic, House, Pop, Urban, Rap, FunkAndrew Simon Goldberg (BMI) 33% [727356527], Robert Mcallister Chitwood (BMI) 33% [478007346], Patrick T Riefflin (BMI) 34% [707040088]Sync Different Publishing (BMI) 100% [706880822]02:58
Play Add 1PopClick to view album tracksAzul Y BlancoVocal - Pop - Feel good summer Spanish-Latin pop song with brass, trumpet and female vocal. Uptempo, bright and enthusiastic. - Vocal, Female VocalFabio Di Bari (SIAE) 33.33% [123592683], Stefano Barzan (SIAE) 33.34% [124146604], Victorio Pezzolla (SIAE) 33.33% [15746096]Flipper Srl Edizioni Musicali (SIAE) 50% [61153901], Tranquilo Ed. Mus. Sas (SIAE) 50% [198555121]02:37
Play Add 1RockSurf, Comedy, KitschClick to view album tracksBeach Blanket ChuckieInstrumental - Rock - Energetic summer fun - 166 BPM - Bouncy, Bright, Optimistic, Fun, Surfing, Celebrity, Cheerful, Romantic - 2010s, 2000s, 1960s - Surf, Comedy, KitschMichael L Guess (ASCAP) 50% [67103200], Danny Curtis Pelfrey (BMI) 50% [223553000]Amusicom Publishing (BMI) 50% [198988573], Cambria Arts Music (ASCAP) 50% [442959332]01:56
Play Add 11FolkIndie, PopClick to view album tracksLa La Lazy SummerMain Vocalise - Folk - Fresh and feel-good, featuring bright acoustic guitar and male oohs-aahs that create an optimistic, sincere mood. - 100 BPM - Bright, Flowing, Heartfelt, Hopeful, Family, Rural, Feel-Good, Home - 2000s, 1990s - Indie, PopPaul Christopher Williams (PRS) 34% [259483820], Reuben Aldo Bernard Gladwin (PRS) 33% [636552438], Emily Shreve (PRS) 33% [508281265]Stock Music International (BVBA) (SABAM) 100% [405127890]02:06
Play Add 4SoloFolk, TraditionalClick to view album tracksFernInstrumental - Solo - Beautiful, care-free solo guitar. Warm summer's day in the countryside. - 87 BPM - Airy, Acoustic, Calm, Earthy, Documentary, News, Folk, Fingerpicking - 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s - Folk, TraditionalPaul James Cuddeford (PRS) 100% [273873434]Brilliant Music (PRS) 100% [588172313]02:14
Play Add 2RockIndie, AlternativeClick to view album tracksFresh LemonadeInstrumental - Rock - Bright, happy mover with chugging guitars, positive boppy keys & drums - 162 BPM - Bright, Catchy, Lively, Fun, Reality, Renovation, Lifestyles, Entertainment - 2010s - Indie, AlternativeOliver Tate (BMI) 50% [557136834], Henry Bix (ASCAP) 50% [786039113]1359 Music (BMI) 50% [790521733], Bed Heads Music (ASCAP) 50% [787478469]02:06
Play Add 20ElectronicElectro Swing, HouseClick to view album tracksBeach HouseVocalise - Electronic - Upbeat and bouncy summer sax groove with sultry female vocal sample. - 125 BPM - Lounge, Jazzy, Fun, Happy, Fashion, Lifestyle, Chillout, Beach - 1990s, 2000s - Electro Swing, HousePerry Davies (PRS) 50% [466256730], Lowell Freeman (PRS) 50% [465863613]Beatbox Music PTY Limited (APRA) 100% [160790865]02:04
Play Add 1JazzElectro Swing, Electronic, Slapstick, Animation, KitschClick to view album tracksPapier Mache HacheMain Vocalise - Jazz - Time for fun! Smooth layered vocal group segues into unrelenting beat with cheery, novelty feel; rhythm only at 01:08, before vocal overlays return. - 128 BPM - Bouncy, Retro, Playful, Quirky, Comedy, Cartoons, Holiday Camps, Circus - 2010s, 1930s, 1940s - Electro Swing, Electronic, Slapstick, Animation, KitschRoss Stephen Gilmartin (PRS) 100% [652170564]Hum Tracks (PRS) 100% [660901848]02:31
Play Add 20RockHuman Emotion, IndieClick to view album tracksJump For JoyInstrumental - Rock - Upbeat fresh and fun solid groove with a holiday vibe. - 135 BPM - Upbeat, Bouncy, Happy, Lively, Travel, Lifestyle, Vacations, Active - 2010s - Human Emotion, IndieSerge Coltrane (PRS) 100% [537044463]Beatbox Music PTY Limited (APRA) 100% [160790865]02:46
Play Add 2RockIndie, Pop, SurfClick to view album tracksSunshineInstrumental - Rock - Bright, happy rock with catchy guitar riffs - 138 BPM - Bouncy, Bright, Positive, Happy, Action, Comedy, Confident, Determined - 2010s, 2000s - Indie, Pop, SurfDanny Curtis Pelfrey (BMI) 50% [223553000], Nancy Lee Pelfrey (ASCAP) 50% [594081530]Amusicom Publishing (BMI) 50% [198988573], Cambria Arts Music (ASCAP) 50% [442959332]02:27
Play Add 10WorldChildren, CalypsoClick to view album tracksCalypso JoeInstrumental - World - Happy, silly calypso fun for the whole family with marimba, horns & guitars - 120 BPM - Bouncy, Bright, Lively, Fun, Reality, Renovation, Lifestyles, Entertainment - 2010s - Children, CalypsoJean Pierre Durand (ASCAP) 50% [338015482], Elizabeth Jane Carbe (ASCAP) 50% [127638366]Bed Heads Music (ASCAP) 100% [787478469]02:09
Play Add 25UrbanHip-Hop, TrapClick to view album tracksAll Angles CoveredInstrumental - Urban - (Full) Great track for pursuit and illegal races scenes. Based on aggressive synth imitating police siren and percussive hits, piano in the background, gives a feeling of anxiety and insecurity. - 132 BPM - Bouncy, Heavy, Aggressive, Angry, Chase, Crime, In-Your-Face, Determined - 2010s - Hip-Hop, TrapAndrew Ralph Potterton (PRS) 100% [294983601]Apollo Frontrunners (KODA) 100% [791100660]02:54
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June 19, 2017
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