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2019x10 Halloween

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Play Add Click to view album tracksStranger DangerDramaSuspenseInstrumental - Drama - Menacing, unnerving with edgy sounds building to big percussion - 90 BPM - Cinematic, Driving, Dark, Somber, Undercover, Law, Uneasy - 2010s - Suspense01:45
Play Add Click to view album tracksBlack KnightDramaTrailers, Electronic, OrchestralInstrumental - Drama - Foreboding Intro With Tense Strings Builds To Powerful Dramatic Theme With Massive Hits And Deep Drops. - 130 BPM - Tension, Dynamic, Powerful, Epic, Thriller, War, Menacing, Relentless - 2010s - Trailers, Electronic, Orchestral02:12
Play Add Click to view album tracksThe Right JudgeDramaElectronic, TensionMain - Drama - Threatening, dark track with eerie sound effects. Menacing atmosphere. - 94 BPM - Eerie, Suspenseful, Dangerous, Dark, Detective, Intrigue, Danger, Film Styles - 2010s - Electronic, Tension02:14
Play Add Click to view album tracksFiendish PlotJazzCartoon, Halloween, AnimationInstrumental - Jazz - Funny cartoon villain caper with xylophone, pizz strings, stomping horns and piano - 126 BPM - Bouncy, Upbeat, Strange, Frenetic, Cartoons, Vintage, Funny - 2010s - Cartoon, Halloween, Animation02:25
Play Add Click to view album tracksFirst EnigmaTensionSuspense, DramaInstrumental - Tension - Slow building suspenseful piece - a mix of emotional orchestra with glitchy synths and percussion. Very tense and ominous. Great for crime investigation TV series. - 62 BPM - Suspenseful, Mechanical, Anxious, Mysterious, Crime, Detective, Film Genres, Entertainment Tv - 2010s - Suspense, Drama02:51
Play Add Click to view album tracksBlack MirrorElectronicDowntempo, Trip HopInstrumental - Electronic - Downtempo, Moody Trip Hop With Filtered Drums, Melancholic Piano, Scratchy Textures. - 97 BPM - Hypnotic, Ambient, Brooding, Evocative, Mystery, Crime, Grimy, Edgy - 2010s - Downtempo, Trip Hop02:48
Play Add Click to view album tracksFake NameDramaTensionMain - Drama - Intense, action track with fasting drumming and dramatic strings to climatic end. - 87 BPM - Cinematic, Suspenseful, Dangerous, Exciting, Action, Suspense, Film Music, Menace - 2010s - Tension01:41
Play Add Click to view album tracksFootsteps In The DarkDramaHuman Emotion, TensionInstrumental - Drama - Hang Drum Riff And Reverse Piano Chords Underpins Creepy And Mysterious Atmospheres With Warped String Sound. - 135 BPM - Atmospheric, Suspenseful, Mysterious, Anxious, Mystery, Suspense, Time Passing, Apprehension - 2010s - Human Emotion, Tension02:15
Play Add Click to view album tracksHiding PlaceDramaTension, Human EmotionsInstrumental - Drama - Dark, Sinister, Tense Drone With Percussive Rhythms. - 108 BPM - Hypnotic, Suspenseful, Provocative, Mysterious, Mystery, Intrigue, Intriguing, Serious - 2010s - Tension, Human Emotions02:21
Play Add Click to view album tracksStreets Of DangerElectronicAmbientInstrumental - Electronic - Moody electronica with rhythmic percussion - 128 BPM - Lo-Fi, Atmospheric, Gloomy, Anxious, Crime, Undercover, Unsure - 2010s - Ambient02:07
Play Add Click to view album tracksDark AlleyDramaSuspenseMain - Drama - Threatening atmosphere, dramatic and determined vibe, building with foreboding tension. - 100 BPM - Eerie, Suspenseful, Tense, Serious, Detective, Forensics, Dramatic, Creepy - 2010s, 2000s - Suspense02:04
Play Add Click to view album tracksWorld On A WireDubstepElectronic, DubVocalise - Dubstep - Haunting Dubstep With Ominous Horn Builds, Staccato Strings And Creeping Organ Leads. - 140 BPM - Cinematic, Pounding, Haunting, Dark, Horror, Terror, Demons, Ghosts - 2010s - Electronic, Dub01:56
Play Add Click to view album tracksSpooky ShiversClassicalDramaInstrumental - Classical - Sinister Piano & Strings - Atmospheric, Dynamic, Anxious, Intense, Crime, Suspense, Orchestral - 2010s - Drama01:39
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August 12, 2019
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