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2019 Easter

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Play Add Click to view album tracksA Warm WelcomeCommercialsFolk, Pop30 Sec Vocalise - Commercials - Laid back acoustic indie folk, strumming guitars and banjo gently sway, to uplifting conclusion with male vocal chorus. - 85 BPM - Strum, Bright, Uplifting, Positive, Romance, Lifestyle, Inspirational, Feelgood - 2010s, 2000s - Folk, Pop00:33
Play Add Click to view album tracksEcho Of Easter SingingVocalsBaroque, Choral, ClassicalSong - Vocals - Pleasant and elegant, featuring warm choir and organ that create an enchanting, peculiar mood. - 61 BPM - Eerie, Flowing, Passionate, Elegant, Suspense, Mystery, Trippy, Enchanting - 2010s, 2000s - Baroque, Choral, Classical03:43
Play Add Click to view album tracksSpring MorningFolkTraditional,, England, ScotlandMain - Folk - The Green Bushes arranged for flute and piano. - 120 BPM - Acoustic, Melodic, Calm, Emotive, Heartwarming, Historical, Traditional, Celtic - 2010s - Traditional,, England, Scotland00:56
Play Add Click to view album tracksSpring WaltzFolkAmericana, Acoustic, Easy Listening, WaltzInstrumental - Folk - Light and lovely folk tune with strummed acoustic guitars, piano, bells and mellotron - 172 BPM - Strum, Bright, Evocative, Warm, Heartwarming, Lifestyle - 2010s - Americana, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Waltz02:16
Play Add Click to view album tracksBack In Your ArmsRockPop, FolkAlternate - Rock - A warm, compelling, mid-tempo, acoustic rock tune, with catchy melodies. Features bright and jangly guitars. - 174 BPM - Positive, Catchy, Positive, Organic, Biography, Documentary, Satisfying, Carefree - 2010s, 2000s, 1990s - Pop, Folk03:00
Play Add Click to view album tracksKyrieReligiousChurch, Hymn, OrchestralVocalise - Religious - Angelic, celestial hymn with large choir. - Choral, Atmospheric, Angelic, Celestial, Biblical, Fantasy, Current Affairs, Mystical - 20th Century, 1900s - Church, Hymn, Orchestral01:05
Play Add Click to view album tracksSpring MorningOrchestralClassicalInstrumental - Orchestral - Flowing and grand, featuring pleasant strings that create a stately, proud mood. - 125 BPM - Flowing, Bright, Noble, Confident, Heartwarming, Family, Grand, Joyful - 2010s, 2000s - Classical02:30
Play Add Click to view album tracksThe SonDramaOrchestralMain - Drama - Innocent, delicate orchestral cue with a religious, glorious feel. - Atmospheric, Flowing, Innocent, Nostalgic, Drama, Fantasy, Cinema, Film Music - 2010s - Orchestral01:15
Play Add Click to view album tracksComing Into BloomOrchestralHuman Emotions, New AgeInstrumental - Orchestral - Reflective orchestral piece illustrating the wonders of the world. Dreamy, peaceful melody combined with some minimal, electronic sound effects. - 85 BPM - Atmospheric, Cinematic, Pensive, Sentimental, Magical, Drama, Sfx, Emotional - 2010s - Human Emotions, New Age04:44
Play Add Click to view album tracksCloudDramaOrchestral, ElectronicMain - Drama - Panoramic, soft track with a peaceful piano. Idial for nature documentaries. - Atmospheric, Driving , Emotional, Inspiring, Travel, Lifestyle, Atmosphere, Delicate - 2010s - Orchestral, Electronic02:22
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February 19, 2019
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